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Ms. Terry Haworth, BSW, MSW Candidate

Specialty Areas:

Families navigating health concerns; Perimenopause/menopause support; Caregiver support; Youth and families experiencing homelessness

Accepting New Clients.

With a passion for community and a commitment to social welfare, Terry Haworth is a dedicated advocate and practitioner in the field of social work. Terry's journey in service began with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Chico State University, where she honed her understanding of behavioral science, particularly in areas such as work and family dynamics, youth development, and life planning. She is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work with a focus on aging and health at The Ohio State University. Throughout her career, Terry has held various roles that reflect her commitment to empowering individuals and families. She is devoted to providing compassionate care and advocacy for those in need. She has displayed this dedication in her extensive work with vulnerable populations including her work with pregnant teenage mothers, teenage father support, unhoused teenagers and young adults, LGBTQA+ youth, and families experiencing health challenges. Beyond her professional endeavors, Terry is deeply involved in community engagement and leadership. She has served as an instructor for parenting classes and a local coordinator of community events that promote education. Terry enjoys volunteering at senior homes and outreach programs for people experiencing homelessness. Her genuine empathy and active listening skills make her a valued member of any community she serves.In her spare time, Terry enjoys reading, flower gardening, exploring nature, and spending time with her family. As she continues her journey in social work, Terry remains steadfast in her belief that everyone deserves to be heard, supported, and empowered to live their best lives.---