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Mr. Aras Van Bibber, M.S.


Adult Trauma, Couples, Teen Boys, Military Health, Fitness

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Mr. Aras (Leon) Van Bibber is resilient and dedicated, embodying the virtues of service and healing. A retired military veteran with distinguished service across three branches of the U.S. Armed Forces—Marine Corps, Navy, and Army—Leon's career is marked by valor and expertise, exemplified in his 67 combat missions and four tours, including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

With a heart as strong as his will, Leon turned his leadership and battlefield acumen into a beacon of hope for those battling life's harshest moments. He has dual Master of Science degrees in Military Resilience and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University, and his educational journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to growth and service. His BA in Human Services laid the foundation for a professional journey dedicated to nurturing minds and mending spirits.

Leon's vision extends beyond traditional counseling paradigms. Trained in a plethora of therapeutic modalities such as Gestalt Therapy, CBT, and Systematic Desensitization, he tailors his approach to the unique needs of each individual, championing a personalized path to recovery and self-discovery. His goal transcends mere treatment; he seeks to empower, to redefine self-perception, and to strengthen the core of relationships, ensuring that his clients emerge not just unburdened, but whole.

As a Mental Health Counselor, Leon finds profound fulfillment in giving back, particularly to his fellow veterans. Having walked the tightrope between service and sacrifice himself, he is poised to guide others through their darkest hours with empathy and insight. His mission is clear: to reshape the narrative around veteran care, to challenge stigmas, and to illuminate the path to a peaceful, complete life.

In moments of tranquility, Leon cherishes the time spent with his wife, finding joy in life's simple pleasures. His story is not just one of triumph in the face of adversity but also a narrative of ongoing contribution, a continuous journey toward healing others as much as himself, with eyes set on a future where he will further his expertise through a PsyD at Nova University, APA

Mr. Leon Van Bibber is more than a counselor or a veteran; he is a steadfast guardian of the human spirit, relentlessly marching towards a horizon of hope and healing.