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Dr. L. Imani Price (Founder/CEO)

Specialty Areas:


Military Medicine

Women's Issues

Not Accepting New Clients.

Dr. Price is a seasoned psychologist with a deep commitment to enhancing the psychological well-being of women and military personnel. She completed her doctoral research at Purdue University, focusing on the coping styles of women, and served as a Clinical Psychologist in the U.S. Army, reaching the rank of Major. 

Dr. Price's career includes roles as a Victim Advocate, mentor, and advocate for diversity and inclusion. 

An expert in cognitive-behavioral therapy, she integrates spirituality and practical feedback to tailor her approach to each client’s needs, helping them leverage their strengths and achieve personal growth. Dr. Price continues her passion for service by supporting clients in building resilience and engaging in necessary self-care.

I am a member of:

  • American Psychological Association, Division 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women)
  • International Association for Women’s Mental Health
  • Maryland Psychological Association