Dr. Chevette Alston

I love being a therapist. I believe it is a superpower to be able to help heal without touching. The Bible says that a soothing tongue is a tree of life (Proverbs 15:4). Clinicians are trusted with an intangible link to life-giving healing. I am honored to be trusted with a person’s life and blessed to be able to share a person’s healing journey. I always tell clients I wish I could sometimes take pictures of when they first come in and compare them at various stages of their therapy journey. You can almost “see” them change. In therapy, everything from the conversation and growth to the stories and the healing appeals to me. I feel in my heart this is my created purpose.

I think I’m an introvert until I get into a good conversation or hit the stage for public speaking. It is my testimony that God is the power that goes beyond our human limits. I love humor and I use it for myself and others. There’s so much pain in this world that we must seek some kind of light and humor does that for me. I have an odd fascination with criminology and horror movies, which I think at the root is me trying to understand why there’s so much cruelty in this world. I do what I can to, directly and indirectly, incorporate God’s hope for their lives through the conversations we have.

I am interested in the healing of women because I was primarily raised by my mother and older sister. My father lived in a separate house and came from the tradition of women raising children, especially female children. As the youngest of two girls, I watched my mother and sister pave the way for me. I didn’t know it in those younger moments, but they were showing me the way to be better for myself and others, while also making all the mistakes I didn’t need to make. It is that foundation of strong women that has led me to be the person that I am today, and I hope my life expresses gratitude. This is a legacy that I like to pass on to others. Together we are stronger. Women empowering women is even better. We are a gender blessed by compassionate strength and when we heal together, we are beacons of God’s strength for others who are lost and broken. There is no weakness that is greater than a woman healed for God’s purpose.

I earned two bachelor’s degrees from North Carolina State University, one master’s degree in Counseling from UNC-Chapel Hill, a Clinical Psychology doctorate from Capella University, and a master’s in divinity from Regent University. Overall, I have 20 years of experience in mental health. I have also worked as an adjunct instructor for schools such as Johnson & Wales, Tidewater Community College, Regent University, and South University.

I am currently licensed as a clinician in North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC. My clinical skills include EMDR, hypnotherapy, trauma, and psychological assessments. I specialize in working with women’s issues, marital counseling, AD/HD, depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, grief, and parenting skills. I work with a variety of clients in all age ranges and cultures. My mantra is, “Make it a good day!”. This empowers you and others to not only choose better, but also be better.